Save Yourself Some Time If You Want to Hookup With a Hot Woman

A couple of decades ago, to pick up a woman and get laid meant that you’ll have to go to a bar or a place such as a disco. When you meet a lady, you would have to buy her a few drinks. If you don’t get to score that night, it’s like a career position that you would have to follow up that lead by calling her the next morning to ask for another date.


She won’t put out

The problem with dating that way, if your goal is to have sex, is that some women don’t put out. You’ll have to go through at least seven dates before getting laid. That takes time, and it’s a journey that is part of the courtship ritual.

Making her want you

The first few dates are the build-up that begins with holding hands, then kissing. The next time you meet, you might be able to play with her boobies then finger her pussy. You’ll have to make her come that way, even if you mess around in the car. You’ll also get a blow job if you can convince her to hold it. After that, on the seventh date, you can get laid. You can try if waiting is not your strongest point.

The dating game

A lot of women during that time believed that if she put outs too early in the dating game, the man will think she is a slut. That dating game style was integrated into those decades, though it was fun, if all you want is to get fucked, the build-up will have you holding blue balls in your hands. You’ll have to make your dick explode on its own, as you have to wait for that seventh date!

Courtship ritual

That courtship ritual seems like such a waste of time but that was the standard way to get laid. It is seldom that you will meet a woman who will lift her skirt and spread her legs out wide for your dick to enter her cunt on the first date. You’ll have to bend over backward to make a lady bend on the table for you to take down her panties to fuck her from behind.

Sex dates

Nowadays, all you need are apps for sex dates. Using your mobile device, it’ll take only a few minutes to download a sex dating app and join. Then, the search is on for a fuck buddy. When you find the right one, it will then be a meet up for a hookup. That date will surely get you licking and sucking the whole time!

She is waiting

Anytime, anywhere you are, you can get a sex date. You don’t have to wait for that seventh date. There is a hot woman waiting online for a man just like you. Get your hard-on ready as you can find that hot woman without wasting time. She can be ready and wet, willing to make your dick explode when you go out on your sex date.